Guatemala Finca Oriflama 100% Bourbon – Medium Roast

Guatemala Finca Oriflama 100% Bourbon – Medium Roast


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Region: San Marcos
Farm: Finca Oriflama Est. 1923, Certified Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Fairly Traded
Altitude: 5000 Feet Above Sea Level
Farmer: Betty Adams family farm is in its fourth generation. The sprawling 4.5 acre farm is magnificent. The views of the valley from this mountain plateau are inspiring. One of the vistas actually reminds us of the view you get walking south on the Bruce Trail as it approaches the Hockley Road.
Aroma: The dry fragrance is overwhelmingly sweet with hints of dark chocolate and citrus.
Tasting Notes: Complex and sweet with some light chocolate notes, this superior bean consistently delivers undertones of sandalwood in the finish. The medium, smooth and buttery body with chocolate notes will leave your pallet awash in flavor.
Dessert Pairings: The flavours of this coffee unfold like an excellent balanced wine. Try cheesecake especially cherry cheesecake- as it provides a nice backdrop for the complex coffee flavours. Another terrific dessert pairing is carrot cake with vanilla icing. A dollop of all-natural vanilla ice cream will get you to the same extraordinary flavor destination.
Food Pairing: Try this with some soft cheeses like a French, St. Andrés. The pairing is interesting and quite nice as the creaminess of the cheese mingles with the buttery chocolate notes of the coffee. For a healthy snack, try a small handful of roasted almonds with this coffee the combination of chocolate notes and fresh nuttiness is like eating a chocolate bar but without the calories. If you are taking this coffee for breakfast, try it with mango juice it plays off nicely with the natural sweetness of this bean.


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