Optimizing Your Coffee Experience

Enjoy the best
Coffee Experience

For convenience, many families fill a coffee pot at night, set the timer and wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. It sounds good, and it might even smell good, when you first roll out of bed, but is it good coffee? Simply put, it can be better and you can do better!

Here’s how to optimize your Hockley Valley Coffee experience:

• Start by saving yourself some time and money and order several bags of coffee at once. We offer FREE shipping with a minimum quantity order.

• Buy confidently knowing “the package in the pantry” is all you need. We guarantee you freshly roasted and optimally packaged coffee.

• We’ll grind your coffee for you but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you don’t grind the bean until you’re ready to sip and savour the coffee.

• Our packaging is consumer friendly and is all you’ll ever need in terms of storage. The high quality,”non-gas permeable”, resealable bags ensure airtight storage and optimal freshness. If you reseal the bag properly and keep it in a dark corner of your pantry or cupboard, it’s the best place to store and maintain the freshness of your coffee beans.

• Grind your beans just before you plan on drinking your coffee. See our brewing tips on the various styles of making coffee for more tips, tricks and tools for savouring every sip!