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Conscientious Coffee Lovers

You are a sophisticated sipper. Coffee is never from a Drive-Thru, instead it’s something to be savoured on a Sunday morning while reading The New Yorker or MacLean’s Magazine (in hard copy because you’re a purist.) Perhaps you have even taken the time to use a French Press. You care about the environment, you care about ethically sourced beans and you value a company that gives back to community. Hockley Valley Coffee is your coffee. We’ve elevated the coffee experience of your youth – still roasting beans from Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala – but added in the sophistication you seek as an adult. Beans born of environmental awareness, ethically sourced, that help fund charitable giving and of course, beans that simply have better flavour and aroma, roasted the old-fashioned way and largely ON DEMAND make a better beverage. We’ve carefully curated our coffee beans to ensure we only offer the best in small batch, limited varieties that allow us the ultimate in quality control.

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What You Need To Know About Your Purchase:

Hockley Valley Coffee carries a selection of beans catering to most tastes. Coffees are available in Light, Medium and Dark Roast as well as Decaffeinated. Choose from Tuscan, Viennese, South American and Espresso blends or single origins

Click on each “bag” of coffee on our shopping page to learn more. Each coffee style comes with a complete description including:

• Place of Origin – The Region, The Family Farm and the Altitude at which it is grown.

• Details about our Family of Growers – Whether 4th generation or just starting out, we share information about who grows our coffee beans and why they care so much about them.

• Aroma – Learn from our Roast Master what scents and aromas you can expect to fill the air around you as you brew your beverage of choice.

• Tasting Notes – Prepare your taste buds ahead of time by learning what each of our unique blends might evoke memories of.

• Food Pairings – Why should wine be the only beverage we pair with foods?

Coffee marries nicely with a variety of foods, not just desserts or breakfast. We share what to consider pairing your coffee with to enjoy the ideal full coffee experience.