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Enjoy the best roasted coffee in a classic style.

What started as a project to roast a more interesting and flavorful coffee bean for our family and friends, has blossomed into one of Canada’s iconic coffee roasting brands. Discover for yourself how our own passion for a more interesting and fresher coffee experience has produced coffees served by some of the best restaurants and cafes throughout Canada.


Specialty coffees

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not consumed.

Ice Coffee

Iced coffee

4 oz Hockley Valley Coffee
4oz Milk (optional)
Ice Cubes


1 shot Hockley Valley Coffee espresso
4 oz Steamed Milk
Cinnamon or Coco Garnish

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

4 oz strong Hockley Coffee
2 tsp Brown Sugar
1.5 oz Irish Whiskey
1oz Heavy Cream Whipped

Cortado coffee


2 Espresso Shots Hockley Valley Coffee
2 oz Light Milk
1 oz Steamed Milk


20gr Ground Hockley Valley Coffee
Tamp the Coffee evenly in portafilter
30 sec should make 30 gr Coffee shot.

Breve Coffee

Breve Coffee

2 oz Espresso
2 oz Half&Half Steamed
2 oz Foam Half&Half

Coffee Latte


1 cup Brewed Hockley Valley Coffee
1-2 tbsp Homemade Hot Chocolate
1 oz Half & Half

Coffee Latte

Caffee Latte

2 Cups Milk
1.3 Cups Hot Freshly Brewed Hockley Valley Coffee

Ready To Find Your Coffee


What is Bird Friendly and Shade Grown Coffee?

Bird friendly coffee is grown on farms under a shade-tree canopy, forest-like habitat.

Bird friendly coffee mostly benefits neo-tropical migratory songbirds that winter in Central America rainforests. Habitat losses, especially tropical rainforests, have caused a decline in migratory songbird populations. And sun coffee plantations have significantly contributed to this loss.

Brewing Tips

Making Great
French Press Coffee and more.

To release the full flavors in every fresh roasted bean there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, while most coffee experts agree that the Vacuum Pot produces the best coffee, the more widely available French Press is arguably just as effective.


Our Specialities

Why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he drank his coffee before it was cool.

Brazil Espresso Roast – Brazil/Guatemala Blend Available in: Tuscan Style Roast


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Brazil Sul de Minas 100% Bourbon/Typica – Dark Roast


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Brazil Sul de Minas 100% Bourbon/Typica – Medium Roast


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Client Testimonials

Our happy coffee lovers and their awesome comments

I grind my Hockley Valley Coffee at home and take it to the office in a sealable container – the aroma is pure heaven when I open the lid. I have completely cut out my 6$ a day habit. Thats 30 bucks a week that’s going towards my trip to Florida.”

coffe mug
Larry in Hamilton

“If home brewing great coffee wasn’t so simple, the money I have wasted over the years wouldn’t be so sad. I guess it’s never too late to start paying myself by brewing a better fresher cup at home.”    

coffe mug
Bob in Bolton

“Not sure if any of your other customers have been using your roasted beans to make cold coffees? Between my kids and husband we have been saving about $80 a week home brewing. Your Columbian and Brazilian medium roasts are to die for. We’ll take our $4,000 a year savings and do just that save for our retirement.”

coffe mug
Sarah in Barrie

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Depresso: The feeling you get when you’ve run out of coffee.

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