Colombia Bucaramanga Reserva 100% Bourbon – Medium Roast

Colombia Bucaramanga Reserva 100% Bourbon – Medium Roast


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Region: Santander, Bucaramanga
Farm: Mesa de los Santos Est. 1850, Certified Rainforest Alliance, Organic
Altitude: 5800 Feet Above Sea Level
Farmer: Oswaldo Acevedo owns and operates this exemplarily fourth generation family farm.
Oswaldos organic bean is from a special estate reserva offered for the first time since 2004. Named after the founder and great-grandfather, Telmo J. Diaz, this bean is only available in small lots and to coffee roasters willingly to pay a handsome premium for this rare cup of excellence.
Aroma: The dry fragrance offers sweet, nutty scents with subtle hints of butterscotch.
Tasting Notes: Complex for a Colombian, this creamy smooth medium body coffee is rich with more depth and intensity than typically found in this region. Get ready for caramel and spice with bittersweet chocolate and floral/fruity notes.
Dessert Pairings: The depth of flavours allow for the tartness of my favorite desserts; lemon meringue pie and key lime pie. The tartness amplifies the acidity of the coffee and emphasizes the bittersweet chocolate at finish. Please note that too much tartness will emphasize bitterness while mild tartness will emphasize a clean, sharp taste.
Food Pairings: I love this coffee on its own, but try it with oatmeal and add a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar. The woodiness of oatmeal provides an interesting backdrop for the layers of caramel and chocolate that drifts out of this coffee. At the other end of the food spectrum this varietal boldly offers itself when complimented with thin slices of reggiano parmagiano.


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