Decaffeinated Coffee – Guatemala SHB Swiss Water Decaf 100% Bourbon Available in: Dark Roast


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Altitude: 4500 Feet Above Sea Level
Aroma: The dry fragrance of this truly unique bean washes over the palate with milk chocolate and vanilla notes.
Tasting Notes: The Guatemalans have mastered the art of decaffeinating beans while leaving the Sweet, smooth medium body of the coffee intact. Roasted a little darker this bean will deliver a full mouth feel.
Dessert Pairings: Decaffeination often mutes the delicate nuances of a bean, but not so with this extraordinary Guatemalan bean. Compliment this bean by serving a Crème Brule and your guests will never know its Decaf.
Food Pairing: Try simple foods such as granola or cookies (other than chocolate cookies) as well as with hardy grain based foods, even raisin bread.


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