Price Changes

Coffee Pricing change effective April 1, 2022

Hockley Valley Coffee prices have not changed since April of 2014. During those 8 years we have maintained the product quality and packaging standard that you have come to recognize and appreciate, while providing you with the highest quality organically grown coffee and free shipping to anywhere in Ontario.

Our coffee is packaged in one of one of the best storable coffee bags in the industry. Each bag holds a full 454 grams of coffee beans – a true 1 lb. bag of coffee, which is 20-30% more coffee than the industry standard coffee bag, which typically holds 300 to 340 grams. Our coffee bag is also a stand up pouch and is non gas permeable, meaning it will not allow air into the bag to oxidize your fresh roasted coffee the way lesser bags would (i.e. paper). The bag has a one way gas valve that allows CO2 (carbon dioxide)to escape while preventing any air from entering into the bag. CO2 is released by your fresh roasted coffee beans for 48 hours after roasting. The bag is also resealable so that it serves as your temporary coffee container.

None of the aforementioned will be changed. The new pricing will reflect the higher cost of the raw coffee beans mainly due to, though not exclusively, to supply chain challenges, along with increased packaging costs and recently increased postal rates.


Effective April 1, 2022 the following coffee prices will increase as follows:

All single 1 pound or 454 gram bags of coffee will increase by 1.00 per bag, to 17.99, with two exceptions… The Viennese blend will increase by $2.00 per 1 lb. bag to $18.99 and the Guatemala Extra Dark will increase by $3.00 to $19.99.