We Are Different

We take freshness to a whole new level by shipping coffee the same day it’s roasted. Everything we do to roast a better bean is done by hand. There is no large scale automated equipment like the big coffee companies use, just our award cast iron roaster and our award winning Roast Master, Wallace Mark, who patiently sips and roasts all day in pursuit of the perfect flavor profile for you. When we talk about Hockley Valley Roasted Coffee™ we are talking about a bean that goes directly from our roaster to your home. When you buy local you buy fresh.

We think an extraordinary coffee experience starts with rather extraordinary beans. That is why we spend so much time developing close long term relationships with family farmers by visiting their plantations and directly sourcing their organic, shade tree and bird friendly beans. We pay our family farmers a premium for their product and in return receive the very best of their harvest.

We believe that a great coffee bean always tastes better when it arrives in our cup through fairer trade and by helping those less fortunate. That’s why we’ve created the Hockley Valley Coffee Foundation™ and donate 25 cents of every bag of coffee we roast, to the mountain communities where our coffee beans are sourced. We treat our suppliers with the same high level of respect and integrity that we treat our customers. Its an old fashioned idea the way business in our Valley has been done for more than 170 years.

It is really up to us to exceed your expectations for prompt friendly service and a better coffee experience. Let us show you how good Hockley Valley Roasted Coffee™ tastes and how a more flavorful cup of coffee can offer a significant savings for you.