All Single Estate Coffees

Brazil Espresso Roast – Brazil/Guatemala Blend Available in: Tuscan Style Roast $16.99

Farmer: A blend of our single origin that are both organic and farm gate direct. Our Brazilian is taken to two different roasts. A splash of our sweet, cedary Guatemala is added to deliver some high notes.
Aroma: Sweet with hints of vanilla
Tasting Notes: A lighter northern Italian, Tuscan roast. This is sweet and smooth with no hint of bitterness. Something you can drink all-day long.
Dessert Pairing: I like to taste the natural sweetness and creaminess of this cup so for me this is often my dessert. But try a biscotti or butter cookie for a tantalizing interplay of flavours.

Brazil Sul de Minas 100% Bourbon/Typica $16.99

– Dark Roast

– Medium Roast

Region: San Paulo region located near the border of Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Sul de Minas Est. 1917, Certified Organic, Fairly Traded
Altitude: 3000 4200 Feet Above Sea Level
Farmer: Marcello Vieira
Aroma: The dry fragrance offers toasted hazelnuts with hints of milk chocolate.
Tasting Notes: This hard to find bean is both nutty and sweet. You will be struck by its clean round taste and low acidity which delivers a mild, smooth cup. This bean is so good that when fresh roasted it is spectacular both as a morning coffee or espresso.
Dessert Pairings: Simple sweets like butter cookies or almond biscotti help to round out the mellow, nutty flavours found in this cup. If you are serving cheese with dessert I would strongly recommend a little ricotta (personally, I like it stuffed into a cannoli) (Wallace Mark, Roast Master).
Food Pairings: I tend to like this low acid coffee more in the morning with some toast or a bagel. A well toasted bagel just shy of being burnt- will set-off a flavor combination that is absolutely delicious. A little saltiness from lightly spread butter will emphasize the nutty characteristics or terroir in this bean. Nuts especially almonds are a natural with this coffee.

Colombia Bucaramanga Reserva 100% Bourbon $16.99

– Dark Roast

– Medium Roast

Region: Santander, Bucaramanga
Farm: Mesa de los Santos Est. 1850, Certified Rainforest Alliance, Organic
Altitude: 5800 Feet Above Sea Level
Farmer: Oswaldo Acevedo owns and operates this exemplarily fourth generation family farm.
Oswaldos organic bean is from a special estate reserva offered for the first time since 2004. Named after the founder and great-grandfather, Telmo J. Diaz, this bean is only available in small lots and to coffee roasters willingly to pay a handsome premium for this rare cup of excellence.
Aroma: The dry fragrance offers sweet, nutty scents with subtle hints of butterscotch.
Tasting Notes: Complex for a Colombian, this creamy smooth medium body coffee is rich with more depth and intensity than typically found in this region. Get ready for caramel and spice with bittersweet chocolate and floral/fruity notes.
Dessert Pairings: The depth of flavours allow for the tartness of my favorite desserts; lemon meringue pie and key lime pie. The tartness amplifies the acidity of the coffee and emphasizes the bittersweet chocolate at finish. Please note that too much tartness will emphasize bitterness while mild tartness will emphasize a clean, sharp taste.
Food Pairings: I love this coffee on its own, but try it with oatmeal and add a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar. The woodiness of oatmeal provides an interesting backdrop for the layers of caramel and chocolate that drifts out of this coffee. At the other end of the food spectrum this varietal boldly offers itself when complimented with thin slices of reggiano parmigiano.

Decaffeinated Coffee – Guatemala SHB Swiss Water Decaf 100% Bourbon Available in: Dark Roast $19.99

Altitude: 4500 Feet Above Sea Level
Aroma: The dry fragrance of this truly unique bean washes over the palate with milk chocolate and vanilla notes.
Tasting Notes: The Guatemalans have mastered the art of decaffeinating beans while leaving the Sweet, smooth medium body of the coffee intact. Roasted a little darker this bean will deliver a full mouth feel.
Dessert Pairings: Decaffeination often mutes the delicate nuances of a bean, but not so with this extraordinary Guatemalan bean. Compliment this bean by serving a Crème Brule and your guests will never know its Decaf.
Food Pairing: Try simple foods such as granola or cookies (other than chocolate cookies) as well as with hardy grain based foods, even raisin bread.

Guatemala Espresso Roast – Single Origin/Guatemala Oriflama Available In: Sicilian Style Roast $19.99

Region: San Marcos
Altitude: 5,000 Feet Above Sea level
Farmer: Betty Adams.
Aroma: The dry fragrance is overwhelmingly sweet with hints of dark chocolate
Taste Notes: Classic Southern Italian dark roast highlighting the bittersweet flavours. We have maintained the core of sweetness that lingers on the tongue long after the initial bite of chocolate.
Dessert Pairings: Simplicity is the key. I like a single truffle or a piece of dark Belgium chocolate.

Guatemala Finca Oriflama 100% Bourbon $16.99

– Dark Roast

– Extra Dark Roast

– Medium Roast

Region: San Marcos
Farm: Finca Oriflama Est. 1923, Certified Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Fairly Traded
Altitude: 5000 Feet Above Sea Level
Farmer: Betty Adams family farm is in its fourth generation. The sprawling 4.5 acre farm is magnificent. The views of the valley from this mountain plateau are inspiring. One of the vistas actually reminds us of the view you get walking south on the Bruce Trail as it approaches the Hockley Road.
Aroma: The dry fragrance is overwhelmingly sweet with hints of dark chocolate and citrus.
Tasting Notes: Complex and sweet with some light chocolate notes, this superior bean consistently delivers undertones of sandalwood in the finish. The medium, smooth and buttery body with chocolate notes will leave your pallet awash in flavor.
Dessert Pairings: The flavours of this coffee unfold like an excellent balanced wine. Try cheesecake especially cherry cheesecake- as it provides a nice backdrop for the complex coffee flavours. Another terrific dessert pairing is carrot cake with vanilla icing. A dollop of all-natural vanilla ice cream will get you to the same extraordinary flavor destination.
Food Pairing: Try this with some soft cheeses like a French, St. Andrés. The pairing is interesting and quite nice as the creaminess of the cheese mingles with the buttery chocolate notes of the coffee. For a healthy snack, try a small handful of roasted almonds with this coffee the combination of chocolate notes and fresh nuttiness is like eating a chocolate bar but without the calories. If you are taking this coffee for breakfast, try it with mango juice it plays off nicely with the natural sweetness of this bean.

South American Blend – Medium Roast $16.99

Region: South America
Farm: A blend of our two South American origins from Colombia and Brazil roasted individually and then blended.
Aroma: The dry fragrance is incredibly sweet and malty
Tasting Notes: Soft, smooth and sweet. There is an initial knottiness that unfolds into soft sweet citrus finishing with the taste of marmalade on the palate.
Dessert Pairings: Apple pie. Add ice cream if you must, but the slight tartness plays well against the sweetness of the coffee.
Food Pairings: Great in the morning with your toast, peanut butter and marmalade. The creaminess of the coffee holds well against the bite of the orange peel.

Viennese Blend – Available in: A Blend of Dark and Extra Dark Roasts $16.99

Region: Central America
Farm: Two different roasts of our Finca Oriflama bean including our dark and extra dark
Aroma: Arrestingly floral
Tasting Notes: An elongated taste profile combining the bittersweet of the extra dark roast with the sweet of the dark roast. This coffee is excellent as an after dinner sipper.
Dessert Pairings: The sweet and bittersweet interplay calls out for chocolate cake.
Food Pairings: I love the bitterness of pumpernickel bread/ beagles with this extraordinary bean.